Big Buddy Media is a team of website designers, developers and digital marketers. We enjoy design, develop and market websites while leveraging our passion to deliver positive results for our clients.

About Us

Big Buddy Media specializes in designing and developing functional websites that look great and accomplish their goals. We bring a fresh approach to the industry with his strong emphasis on client relations and quick follow up. When we are not basking in the glow of our computers, we enjoy spending time with our family and volunteering for church-related activities. Want to know more? Contact our team today contact page. For some examples of our works, you can View our Portfolio

Balancing SEO with Web Design
Web Design is a competitive field. A business should have plenty of choices when it comes to determining what web design firm to use. A good design firm will be able to balance the aesthetics of the site, the so-called ‘look and feel’, with the needs for good search engine optimization (SEO).

Search engine spiders do not care one bit about the look and feel of the site. They simply digest information that can be ranked and ordered into the search engine algorithm. Sure, a web designer could design a beautiful all flash website that is extremely stimulating for visitors to look at. Or on the other hand, the designer could design the site to purely satisfy the search engine bots with no concern whatsoever for how the site actually looks to the human eye.

These are the two extremes that obviously must be avoided. The ability to balance the two is the main goal of any capable web design firm. Make sure when shopping web design firms that you consider both as important goals, and that the web development company you choose is capable of handling both.

How About Website’s Content?
A great website is an invaluable resource for any business. It is a representative of you and your company. And it should look the part. With a great website, traffic and customers will be increased, brand image will be reinforced, and customer service will be made easier. It is, therefore, crucial to have a website that you and your business can be proud of.

It can’t be said enough, content is king. Make sure that you have material on your website that is worth looking at and visiting. While this seems obvious at first glance, really take the time to think about what your website will provide to the customer and how it will fill their needs. With good content, any design problem can eventually overcome. With bad content, it does not matter how well the website functions or how well it is designed, it will fail.

Overall, to increase your chance of website marketing success, you should choose a web design firm that is knowledgeable in website design as well as skilled in digital marketing.