Reset Button on Web Forms is Useless

I’ve often wondered when and why anyone ever decided to put a reset button on a web form. You’ve seen it many times. Often, the reset button sits directly next to the Submit button and worse yet, they are styled exactly the same.Reset Button on Web Forms is Useless I can’t figure out why anyone would ever want to fill out a form, get to the bottom, and say “Oops! I accidentally filled out every single field incorrectly. Oh look! A reset button so I can clear out all the hard work I just did with one click of the mouse!”

To me, the reset button on a web form is the most useless element on the entire Internet. Yes, even more useless than the Bing search engine. I see absolutely no reason a reset button should ever be included on a web form and it can only cause more (lots lots more!) harm than good.

Am I the only person that feels this way?